Get your Paczki for Fat Tuesday!

Now taking orders for pick-up on Fat Tuesday, Feb 25th, 2020, AKA Paczki Day!!!

It's almost Fat Tuesday, and we’re joining bakers from places like Michigan and Chicago- where there is a high concentration of Polish folks -- in making the Paczki!

Similar to a donut, paczki are deep-fried dough filled with jam or cream and covered in powdered or regular sugar or icing. The difference is that paczki are made with a rich, sweet yeast dough –tradition states that Polish households had to use up the excess sugar and lard because these ingredients were forbidden during Lent.

We'll have freshly made Paczki on Fat Tuesday- in BOTH our Colonial Ave and Granby Street locations -- but get them before they sell out! 

Raspberry Jam or Vanilla Cream $27/dozen-min order is a dozen.

Taking orders by phone and email until Sunday Feb 23rd for pickup on the 25th,

Order Today!
Ghent: 757-625-0461
Granby St: 757-351-6793
order by email: