Get your Paczki for Fat Tuesday!

Now taking orders for pick-up on Fat Tuesday, Feb 16th, 2020, AKA Paczki Day!!!

It's almost Fat Tuesday, and we’re joining bakers from places like Michigan and Chicago- where there is a high concentration of Polish folks -- in making the Paczki!

Similar to a donut, paczki are deep-fried dough filled with jam or cream and covered in powdered or regular sugar or icing. The difference is that paczki are made with a rich, sweet yeast dough –tradition states that Polish households had to use up the excess sugar and lard because these ingredients were forbidden during Lent.

Raspberry Jam or Vanilla Cream $30/dozen-min order is a half dozen.

Taking orders by phone and email until Monday Feb 15rd for pickup on the 16th,

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